As every winter, País de Quercus organizes traditional iberian pig slaughter for its clients and friends. We encourage you to spend a special weekend and enjoy a different experience through a gastronomic and cultural way. It is an initiation to the iberian pig world from its breeding to its culinary pleasures.



  • February  1,2
  • February  15,16

Maximum people: 30 per weekend.

Booking:  By phone – (0034)924 27 69 53

Via email –






8:00 – Slaughtering and cutting of Iberian Acorn-Fed Pigs

10:00 – Migas extremeñas servedwith fried eggs and papada.  Coffee, pastries from Extremadura and anisette.

(Continuation of cutting and seasoning of the meats in order to stuff with minced meat)

12:00 – Appetizer:

Grilled iberian meats tasting

Iberian sobrasada

Dressing pestorejo

14:00 – Typical slaughter lunch

     Chickpea stew



21:00 – Dinner (optional)Bread, seasonal salad, fruit, custard with sighs, rice pudding

Vegetable cream

Fat cheek  hottop


Beverages included: Red Wine, Beer, non-alcoholic beverage, coffee, tea and infusions.

(Cocktails out of price)

SUNDAY (Optional)

at Cantillana Farm

10:00 – Didactic walk through the Dehesa (Cantillana Farm) to show the life style and the Iberian Acorn-fed pig handling.

14:00 – Lunch at Haute Cuisine Sigar Restaurant

Starters :         Jamón D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura

Morcilla Lasagne

Anchovy with tomatoes and Thai Basil

Main course:              Consommé

Second course:          À la carte

Dessert:                     Varied, à la carte


For more info, click here


Saturday: From 8 am to 6 pm (until table talk) ————————60 €/ per person.

Saturday: All day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) ————————100€ / per person.

Sunday: lunch at the Sigar Restaurant optional————————43€/ per person.

Prices before tax (10%)

ACCOMMODATION (estimated price):

– GRAN HOTEL CASINO EXTREMADURA*****:  84€ (double room and breakfast) /84 € (single room and breakfast):  +34 (924 28 44 02)

– AC HOTEL BADAJOZ ****: 55 € (double room and breakfast) /50€  (single room and breakfast) Phone: +34 (924 28 62 47)

– HOTEL RURAL AT THE SAME PLACE WHERE THE SLAUTHER KITCHEN IS: 80€ ( double room and breakfast) / 120€ (suit and breackfast). Just available 3 double rooms and 2 suites. Phone: +34 (620 254 515)

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